moral traits

The 3 Core Moral Traits that you Should Teach your Toddler

While many parents believe that moral concepts might be a bit too much for their toddlers to understand, however this isn’t quite the case. Children begin with a clean slate and what ever morality, behavior and habits you feed them, they are going to be forever instilled in them. Moreover, there is no universal method to teach morality, but there is one way through which you can leave a good imprint on your child’s mind, and that is actions. Communication and actions are the means to get your message across to those innocent minds and saying that, be sure that your child is well aware of the following moral concepts:


toddlerIt is said that the world lacks empathy. Somewhat this is true. With empathy comes love, affection and a sense of humanity. Children being lovable human beings are always empathetic, but teaching them to be affectionate is important. For instance, seeing the homeless people, many children tend to ask a lot of question. This is where their empathetic curiosity suffers a usual blow, when parents unconsciously ask them not to “think” about them. Instead, parents should answer their questions rightfully and should encourage them to treat the homeless in a good manner and not to think of them as inferior.


Man is prone to making mistakes. Children make double the mistakes. But what’s important is to give your child a sense of security that whatever he/she does, they can come up to you and be honest about it. This would not only create a valuable bond of trust between the parent and the child, but it would instill a sense of honesty in the child’s personality. However, if a child comes up to you with a mistake, do not over react to it, for it will not only promote the idea of hiding things from you, but the child will most likely not trust you with their issues.

Being Just

justiceTeaching a child justice and to do the right thing is very important. With two or more siblings, it is thought that the child will learn it on its own. However, this is not necessarily true, for children are oblivious to justice or being unjust, and there is a big chance that one might be neglected in this whole process. For instance, if one of the kids takes away the favorite toy of the other one, then parents should firstly make it clear in a positive manner that what the child did is wrong. Secondly, parents should make the child understand and help him take proactive steps to amend the unjust act. Saying “i am sorry” is never really going to teach your child to do justice, but helping them understand and make them perform simple apologetic gestures would instill this moral value better.

While the list goes on and on and includes different attributes like confidence, determination and much more, these three qualities will help your child develop emotionally and tackle life sensibly.